This base level of the Do it Yourself Brand Positioning Toolkit provides you with the tools needed to:

  1. Conduct a full competitive analysis, covering numerous differentiation variables, including:
    • Target buyer
    • Business needs the company is addressing
    • Current brand positioning
    • Key messages
    • Proof points
  2. Identify your key differentiation
  3. Craft the essential components of your brand positioning framework – your 30 second elevator speech and a set of attribute-based key messages.  These are the types of messages that focus on differentiation attributes of your company, such as the number of customers you have, the breadth of products/services you offer and so on.

Unlike anything else available today, this do it yourself system walks you step by step through all of the processes necessary to develop winning messages that will help you sell!

Upon completion of developing your 30 second elevator speech and attribute-based key messages, you can easily work them into your website Home Page and About Us page for added differentiation and distinction from the other companies in your space.

You should also arm every customer-facing person in your organization with this messaging so everyone knows what to say to a customer or prospect if they encounter one.  There is nothing more impressive to a customer or would-be customer than to speak with various individuals within the same company who all sing from the same hymnal.  This leaves the individual with a very clear and strong sense of who your business is and what it claims to deliver.

Included Tools:

  1. 10 Steps for Identifying your Key Differentiation (when compared to your main competition)
  2. 4 Steps for Developing a Differentiating 30 Second Elevator Speech /Positioning Statement
  3. Competitive Analysis Template
  4. Steps and Formulas for Developing Attribute-Based Key Messages
  5. Book – Differentiate or Diminish: The Art and Necessity of Business Positioning

Sample Screenshots: