This advanced level of the Do it Yourself Brand Positioning Toolkit provides you with a very comprehensive set of  tools needed to:

  1. Conduct a full competitive analysis, covering numerous variables, including:
    • Target buyer
    • Business needs the company is addressing
    • Current brand positioning
    • Key messages
    • Proof points
  2. Identify your key differentiation
  3. Craft all of the components of a comprehensive brand positioning framework - your positioning statement, your key messages (both attribute-based and value-based), your supporting proof points and your customer value propositions.  [NOTE:  Attribute-based key messages focus on differentiating attributes of your company, such as the number of customers you have, the breadth of products/services you offer and so on. Value-based key messages focus on the resulting value your solutions provide users - for example, the gains in productivity or the cost reduction.]
  4. Successfully integrate your new messaging into your sales and marketing channels, such as your trade show booth, your phone-based sales pitches, your press releases, your sales collateral, your business cards, your email signatures and about 45 other places.
  5. Effectively work your messaging into your website, including your Home Page, your main Product/Service Pages and your About Us page.
  6. Develop “Key Messages at a Glance” pocket cards for all staff.
  7. And more!!!!!

Unlike anything else available today, this do it yourself system walks you step by step through all of the processes necessary to develop winning messages that will help you sell! It also shows you how and specifically where to leverage your new messaging to increase sales traction.

This is by far the most comprehensive, extensive and holistic Do it Yourself Brand Positioning program available in the world today – hands down!

Included Tools:

  1. 10 Steps for Identifying your Key Differentiation (when compared to your main competition)
  2. 4 Steps for Developing a Differentiating Elevator Pitch/Positioning Statement
  3. Competitive Analysis Template
  4. Steps and Formulas for Developing Attribute-Based Key Messages
  5. Steps and Formulas for Developing Value-Based Key Messages
  6. Steps and Formulas for Developing Customer Value Propositions
  7. 50-Plus Ways/Places to Leverage your Messaging
  8. Steps for Developing Supporting Proof Points
  9. How to Effectively Weave Messages into Web Copy
  10. Trite Words to Avoid in your Messaging
  11. Marketing Evolution Model
  12. Examples of Customer Value Models to Help you Bring your Messaging to Life Visually
  13. Key Messages at a Glance Card Template for Sharing Messages with your Team/Staff
  14. Book – Differentiate or Diminish: The Art and Necessity of Business Positioning

Sample Screenshots: