There are many strong, differentiating and distinguishing elevator pitch examples, and likewise, there are also many poorly written, non-differentiating and non-distinguishing elevator pitch examples.  We share below a number of very strong elevator pitch examples, and highlighted in bold are the key distinguishing elements of each organization.

Strong Elevator Pitch Examples:

  • XYZ Financial helps high-net-worth clients grow and protect their wealth through personalized and client-centric relationships; seamlessly integrated and inclusive approaches to financial planning, investing and tax services; and scientifically-founded, proven fundamental principles.


  • ABC Call Recording offers innovative voice/screen recording, quality management and automated coaching software, which runs on the desktop and mobile devices, is installed in one day, and features the deepest integrations with Avaya, Mitel, NEC, Cisco and ShoreTel PBXs, for trouble-free installation.


  • AAA Software’s easy to use, same-day-deployment cloud contact center solutions help small to medium-sized businesses cost-effectively increase their sales pipelines by up to 150%, provide more personalized customer service, and deliver more efficient and effective targeted marketing campaigns.


  • Table Games Company’s software helps casinos generate more revenue, improve efficiency and create a better gaming experience.  The software analyzes head-count and gaming data and then provides actionable recommendations to align your game mix, spread and pricing with actual player demand in order to maximize your table games profit.


  • Software Provider automates and optimizes contact center intraday staffing and performance management processes for BPOs and large service providers in order to improve management productivity, customer service levels and agent satisfaction.


  • Executive Print Management Services manages every stage of the envelope and sales collateral printing process for you, by sourcing the best and most affordable printer/manufacturer, keeping you constantly informed, and meticulously managing quality at every stage.


  • The Privacy Association is the definitive global ‘information privacy’ community, offering tools and services to help practitioners develop and advance their careers and organizations manage and protect their data.


  • Quality Conferencing arms small to medium-sized businesses with the industry’s most comprehensive, personal, customized and resilient global audio and web conferencing services designed to increase revenue, free up resources, capture mind share and accelerate the sales cycle.


  • Pet Euthanasia helps grieving, conflicted and scared pet owners understand and facilitate their pet’s passing-on process, in a manner that offers all of the love, comfort, and security the loved-one deserves in those final moments.